CaptaNetwork adopts the concept of simplicity, practicality and security for your business, aiming to leverage your business through advertising campaigns through (Text Message, Voice Message, Recorded Audio and E-mail Marketing). All in one place.

How it works?
You pay a minimum monthly amount to keep your data in our cloud because each client has its own database and is not shared with anyone else, everything is accessed quickly and practically through your mobile phone, tablet or using our web application from any computer.

You can buy credits at any time with your credit card and use them according to your need to be sent (Text, VOICE, Recorded Audio or Email Marketing SMS), we have prepaid and control plans (post payment) is at the discretion of each customer.

You can pay a little extra to make a backup of your hotspot in our cloud and not worry about the information that stays in your company, we do an automatic backup of your hotspot for you.

Technical support
Its support is available 24 hours a day, directly in our application or the web platform, and can be answered in a practical and fast way, with online support or through messages sent by the application itself.